free appliance removal 


Do you have a need for an old appliance removal, such as a stove or washer, just taking up space? Do you keep meaning to get rid of that freezer broken down in the garage or that old appliance in the barn? Just can’t find a free appliance pick up service?

Is it really a free appliance removal service?

Yes, it is an absolutely free appliance removal. But there are ways you could Incur a cost, all of which our scheduling professionals will discuss with you previous to setting up your free appliance removal appointment:

  • Excessive, Unsafe or Cramped environments
  • disassembly (Anything that would cause our free appliance pick up technicians to have to dismantle the appliance could result in a small fee.)
  • Mold, spores, or other hazardous materials
  • Food remnants in the appliance (I.e. refrigerators & freezers with food left) during the time of your free appliance disposal
  • Free Appliance pick up location is Beyond service area

 How do you provide free appliance pick up?

By recycling our Indianapolis junk removal efforts with our appliance pick up & appliance disposal, Junk removal Indianapolis is not only helping the environment with its Eco-friendly junk removal and free appliance recycling policies.But we also provide a service to community at no cost to the consumer accompanied by a community outreach program in which available appliance disposals may be repaired and distributed to local needy Families.


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